4 Ways You Can Defend Your Home from Mosquitoes

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4 Ways You Can Defend Your Home from Mosquitoes

4 Ways You Can Defend Your Home from Mosquitoes

Buzzing in your ears, lurking in the dark corners of your home, mosquitoes carry diseases that can harm you and your family in just one bite. They’re small, quick, and can easily infiltrate your home.They’re often found in areas with trees and plants, but even in the city, they roam around once the sun begins setting. Before you get swarmed with these insects and spend days dealing with bites and rashes, here are four ways you can defend your home:

  1. Remove areas that have still water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs on still water, and they multiply in only a span of a few weeks. Watch out for areas that hold still water, and remove the water before they get the chance to settle. As for tubs or drums which are often used to catch rainwater, place a lid on top of the container to seal it from insects and dust.

  1. Install a screen on your windows and doors

An easy way to keep mosquitos out is to block their path. Especially during sun down, mosquitoes will try to enter your home. You can keep the doors and windows shut, but that would also decrease ventilation in your home. Installing a screen enables you to keep the windows open while keeping the insects out.

  1. Regularly clean dark and humid areas around your home

Mosquitoes are also attracted to areas with a lot of stacked items, debris from gutters, and overlooked puddles. Aside from sweeping the floor and dusting furniture in your daily routine, you should also inspect areas that are often left untouched (like a storage area) or areas where puddles can form (e.g. under the sink, garden, etc.).

  1. Spray mosquito repellent indoors

You’ll also need to increase your defense in your rooms. Areas under the desks and corners can still attract mosquitoes. Spray a safe and effective mosquito repellent in those areas to keep insects from approaching. It’s best to use an effective repellent that’s safe to use even with the whole family present, like Tian Long Citronella Oil.

It’s seemingly impossible to make mosquitoes disappear for good, but you can keep them away from your family with these four tips. With a few easy additions to your daily routine, your home can be more guarded against mosquitoes and other insects. There are also a lot of products in the market that can help you repel mosquitoes, but unfortunately, not all of them are fully effective or even safe to use around babies.

The essential oil from the Citronella plant is one of the natural and safe alternatives from harsh chemical insect repellents. 100% Natural Tian Long Citronella Oil takes quality Citronella plant extract to make natural, safe, and effective  mosquito repellent products. Formulated to repel mosquitoes and insects for hours, it’s also safe for babies whether via diffusion, spray, or topical application.

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