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Citronella Oil Uses: A Guide for New Parents


Parenting is both a heavy responsibility and a rewarding experience. Whenever you hold your baby, you feel the need to protect them from all the harms of the world. One of the many concerns parents face is protecting their child from harmful mosquito bites.

10 Benefits of Citronella Oil
Enjoying nature’s gifts has long been practiced for generations, especially in Asian countries. A popular by-product of medicinal plants and herbs is essential oil. One of the many popular oils is the oil from the Citronella plant. It has a floral and citrus-like aroma that’s often mistaken for its close cousin the lemongrass. Its growing popularity among different markets can be attributed to not just its aroma, but the trust of generations who have benefited from its many uses. Benefits of Citronella Oil It serves as a mosquito repellent Getting bitten and dealing with ras..
5 Ways You Can Use Tian Long Citronella Oils

Abundant in East and Southeast Asia, and some parts of Africa, the Citronella plant is a grass species that has been long used as a natural mosquito and pest repellant.

4 Ways You Can Defend Your Home from Mosquitoes

Buzzing in your ears, lurking in the dark corners of your home, mosquitoes carry diseases that can harm you and your family in just one bite.

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