Citronella Oil Travel Spray Bottle 120ml and Face Mask

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TLC Care Pack

  • $30.00

Product Description

Show that you care for someone by sending a TLC Care Pack to them. Make them feel loved and warm the cockles of their heart.

With more outdoor activities, it is important to stay safe from Covid by wearing mask and Dengue by applying Tian Long Citronella Oil.

Bring Tian Long Citronella Oil with you wherever you go. Designed for your convenience and travel in mind, this travel spray bottle is the perfect handy companion that keep mosquitoes away.

A vacuum shrink pack of 20 pieces Comfortable Disposable 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask. Breath comfortable and hassle free with our disposable face mask.

Delivery will take around 3-4 working days from the day the order is being picked up.


Don’t be at the mercy of mosquitoes! You can keep them at bay even when you travel or simply have one handy bottle in hand for use anytime and anywhere. The perfect size for travelling overseas, outings, an afternoon out with the children or even as a precaution in the school bags of children ready for use. Tian Long Travel Spray Bottle is designed with a 120ml size, small and compact to be kept in your handbags, office bag, travel luggage or even in your pocket. All it takes is one spray to keep the mozzies away!

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