Citronella Oil Pack Package Deal with 120ml Travel Spray

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Category: TL Citronella Oil Bundle with 120ml Travel Spray

TL Citronella Oil Bundle with 120ml Travel Spray

  • $180.00

Product Description

Don’t let those pests get in your way to a clean, safe and healthy home! Let our Tian Long Citronella Oil be your best help at home. Just a cap of oil to clean, sanitize and kill germs and bacteria. Mozzies, ants and cockroaches be kept at bay as you diffuse the scents of Tian Long Citronella Oil in your home. Get your best help today!

TL Citronella Oil Bundle with 120ml Travel Spray:

  1. 3 bottles of 500ml Tian Long Citronella Oil
  2. Special Gifts with every purchase:
    1. 1x 120ml Travel Spray Bottle worth S$30
      • We hear you! Tian Long Citronella Oil Travel Spray Bottle is our newly launch product just for all our customers! One spray to keep mosquitoes away!
      • Perfect, handy travel size for the road and travels. A must for all travellers whether you are going on a business trip, holiday, or even a shopping trip.
      • With its portable size, it will fit into any handbag, luggage, school bag or even your baby travel bag.
    2. FREE Home Delivery worth S$10
      • No need to travel. No need to carry the bottles of oil. We deliver it to your doorstep! Totally no fuss at all!
  3. Total Retail Price – S$220
  4. SPECIAL BUNDLE Price: S$180
  5. It is a SAVING of S$40!

Delivery will take around 3-4 working days from the day the order is being picked up.


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