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Wood Bottle Gourd Shape Diffuser

  • $12.00

Product Description

Wood Diffuser perfect to put in the room, toilet, storeroom, or even cabinet.

The beauty of a wood diffuser is that it is convenient to put in different places without any electric point or fire hazard from a candle burner.

The wood diffuser has a hole in the middle to contain the oil and diffuse the fragrance slowly through the wood. The lid can be used to control the rate of diffusion.

If the citronella fragrance is too strong, cover the hole with the lid. With citronella fragrance, we can prevent mosquitoes from coming to our home.

Direction: Open the lid and fill the hole with our Tian Long Citronella Oil when is fully absorbed into the wood.

Do put a small glass plate below to prevent stains when the wood diffuser is fully soaked with citronella oil.


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