Tian Long Citronella Oil Starter Pack

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Tian Long Citronella Oil Starter Pack

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Product Description

Special TLC Starter Pack for you! 1 bottle of 500ml Tian Long Citronella Oil with 1 Bottle Gourd Wood Diffuser and FREE Delivery. For LIMITED TIME only.

Don’t let those pests get in your way to a clean, safe and healthy home! Tian Long Citronella Oil is an award-winning citronella oil trusted by homemakers for home and outdoor use. Just a cap of oil to clean, sanitize and kill germs and bacteria. Mozzies, ants, and cockroaches are kept at bay as you diffuse the scents of Tian Long Citronella Oil in your home.

With family in mind, Tian Long Citronella Oil is formulated using natural ingredients safe for young and old. 

100% Natural





Your Natural Guardian at Home

Citronella Oil is our main active ingredient in the blend to effectively keep household pests like cockroaches, lizards, ants, and mosquitoes away. With its strong antifungal properties, we could keep mold and fungal at bay by wiping and mopping with our new blend.

Citronella oil is great in antifungal and good in antibacterial properties on top of its insect repellent capability.

Best used with our wood diffusers for home usage.

How to maximize the use of the wood diffuser

- Open the lid and fill our Tian Long Citronella Oil until it is filled

- Close the lid if you feel that the fragrance is too strong. By closing the lid it will prevent spillage.

- Put it in the affected area to let it diffuse out the citronella fragrance

- Refill 2 - 3 times a week when the wood is new or when you feel the fragrance is not strong enough refill again.

- Place it on a glass plate or coaster when the wood diffuser is seasoned.

- Refill once a week when the wood diffuser is seasoned.

We will normally take one working day to pack your order and arrange for pick up.

Delivery could be 1 - 4 working days from the day the order is being picked up. Sunday is not available for delivery.


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