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Category: Citronella Oil

Mini Bottle Gourd Set of Five

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Product Description

Mini bottle gourd works well in a small enclosed area like drawers or even cabinets.

Simply soak the mini gourd bottle in a glass jar filled with our Tian Long Citronella Oil for 2-3 days and they are ready to be used.

When the fragrance is less intense after 2-3 weeks, put back into the glass jar to resoak.

Mini Bottle Gourd diffusers consist of 5 pieces.

We will normally take one working day to pack your order and arrange for pick up.

Delivery could be 1 - 4 working days from the day the order is being picked up. Sunday is not available for delivery.


Big diffusers are great for rooms, toilets, big cabinets or bigger enclosed area. Hence, mini gourd bottle is used in a smaller space. Parents tied the mini gourd bottle to their kid's bags to prevent mosquito bites.

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