10 Benefits of Citronella Oil

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10 Benefits of Citronella Oil

10 Benefits of Citronella Oil

Enjoying nature’s gifts has long been practiced for generations, especially in Asian countries. A popular by-product of medicinal plants and herbs is essential oil. One of the many popular oils is the oil from the Citronella plant. It has a floral and citrus-like aroma that’s often mistaken for its close cousin the lemongrass. Its growing popularity among different markets can be attributed to not just its aroma, but the trust of generations who have benefited from its many uses.

Benefits of Citronella Oil

  1. It serves as a mosquito repellent

Getting bitten and dealing with rashes caused by mosquitoes is not only bothersome, but could also pose a threat to your health from potentially carrying diseases. Applying citronella oil on your skin acts as a repellent to protect you from nasty insect bites for around 3 hours. It’s also useful to have it in your home, and use it with a diffuser to ward off insects in any of your desired rooms.

  1. It can safely eradicate fleas and ticks

Our furry pets are part of the family. Taking care of them also means helping them get rid of parasites beneath their fur. Adding two or three sprays of Citronella oil in your pet’s shampoo can help eradicate fleas and ticks, as well as undesirable odours, without being harsh on your pet’s skin.

  1. It may curb harmful bacteria growth

Reports have shown that Citronella oil has antifungal properties that can help inhibit fungus growth. This is especially useful to treat fungal infections on the foot. Its aromatic scent also makes it easy to use at home daily since it won’t be pungent.

  1. It can deodorize rooms

We’ve mentioned how its aroma emits a floral and citrus-like scent. More than just being a pleasing scent, it can also get rid of odour causing bacteria in the air. It’s a safe and easy-to-use deodorizer that can be used everyday at home.

  1. It can sanitize floors and furniture

The antifungal properties of the Citronella oil can also be applied on the surface area. It can be a safer and natural alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals, and it’s also easy to use. By simply adding 1 to 2 caps in the cleaning water, or spraying it directly with the mop/washcloth, you can get rid of germs on your floors and on your furniture.

  1. It may stimulate alertness

The scent from the Citronella oil can trigger a sense of alertness, which helps keep your mind invigorated throughout the day. This is especially helpful during busy work hours, where you need to keep your mind alert but not too stressed to function.

  1. It can alleviate your mood

The essential oil from the Citronella plant has been used in aromatherapy since its citrusy scent aids in relaxing the mind. This enables you to pause, get rid of negative feelings, and alleviate your overall mood for the day.

  1. It can help to solve insomnia

A body of research have shown that essential oils can provide relief for disrupted sleep and improve sleep quality in adults. The effects of aromatherapy massage on sleep quality as researchers found that essential oils worked more effectively than acupressure.

  1. It can deodorize unwanted body odour

Bad odour is usually caused by growing bacteria in moist areas like the underarms. Used topically, the Citronella oil can eliminate odour causing bacteria while being gentle and safe on the skin. It can also be poured into a spray bottle and be used as a body spray, covering unwanted smell with lemony and flowery aroma.

  1. To soothe insect bites

Bug bites are itchy but it’s best not to scratch it because it may lead into an open wound that would allow bacteria infection. Essential oils like from the citronella plant can help in soothing the bites and help you resist the temptation to scratch them. A topical application over the area is all you need to stop yourself from scratching.

Citronella oil has a lot of benefits that you and your family can use everyday. Tian Long wanted to extract the maximum amount of benefits one can get from this essential oil; and after an intensive research and development project, he successfully formulated the 100% Natural Citronella Oil product. Check out Tian Long Citronella Oil and yield maximum benefits for the whole family.

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