Citronella Oil Uses: A Guide for New Parents

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Citronella Oil Uses: A Guide for New Parents

Citronella Oil Uses: A Guide for New Parents


Parenting is both a heavy responsibility and a rewarding experience. Whenever you hold your baby, you feel the need to protect them from all the harms of the world. One of the many concerns parents face is protecting their child from harmful mosquito bites.

These insects can buzz around their ears and ruin their sleep, can bite their sensitive skin, cause itchy rashes, and most importantly, transfer serious diseases like dengue or malaria. You’d want to apply mosquito repellents on them but  the harsh chemicals can be detrimental to your baby’s skin, which is why some parents prefer using natural alternatives like Citronella essential oil.

How to use Citronella oil:

Citronella oil is the extract of the Citronella plant (a close relative of the lemongrass). It has a floral and citrus-like scent which can also drive away mosquitoes. If you want to use pure Citronella oil on your baby, you can use the following methods: 

  1. Dilute Citronella oil in water

Pure Citronella oil is quite strong for baby’s sensitive skin. If your baby is older than three months old, the concentration of the oil should be diluted to make sure it’s gentle on their skin. A safe dilution ratio is 0.5 - 1% of citronella oil and 99.5 - 99% of water. However, you can also opt for the Tian Long Citronella Oil Plus Blend - Insect Repellent, as it is already formulated for everyday use that’s also safe for babies.

  1. Mix Citronella oil in sunscreen

Protecting the skin from harmful UV rays is one of the top priorities when bringing your baby to enjoy the great outdoors. There are baby-friendly sunscreen options in the market, but you can enhance its function and scent by putting a few drops of oil into the sunscreen, and protect your baby from UV rays and mosquitoes too. 

  1. Diffuse in room before letting the baby in the room

Exposure to vapors and smoke are quite dangerous for babies since it can irritate their airways. To spread the repellent across the room through diffusing the essential oil, do it an hour before letting the baby inside the room. This way, the vapors have subsided and won’t irritate the baby’s airways. 

  1. Can put few drops in a cloth or a cotton ball and placed near baby’s bed

If you don’t have a diffuser, you can still make-do with a makeshift diffuser by putting a few drops of essential oil in a cloth or cotton ball. Place it near the baby’s bed but make sure it’s out of their reach.

  1. Gently apply on baby’s skin

Directly applying essential oils on babies often stir concerns. However, if your diluted Citronella essential oil is gentle and safe for baby’s skin, then you don’t need to be worried. To feel more assured, use the TLC Citronella oil as it can be directly applied on babies with no worries. Simply apply the TLC Citronella oil on your palm first, then apply a thin layer of it on their skin. For a lighter application, you may spread it on their clothes as well.


Stop usage if you notice allergic reactions from your baby
As well as with every other product, it’s imperative to do a patch test on your baby’s skin. Every skin is different, and it’s always good to know the unique needs and comfort of your baby. At the first sign of irritation or rash, discontinue use.

Avoid applying near their eyes and mouth, and on their palms
Babies are naturally curious about everything, which is why they will try to touch and taste anything they can grab. When applying repellent on them, do not put the product near their eyes and mouth, and as well as on their palms to avoid accidental ingestion.

Use Citronella oil that’s ultra safe and gentle on baby skin
As new parents, it can be overwhelming to think about our newborn’s safety all the time. There are a lot to consider and to remember: just like how not all products containing Citronella Oil have the same effect. To assure yourself a gentle formulation of the mosquito repellent, use Tian Long Citronella oil.

Unlike other Citronella oil products in the market, the formulation of Tian Long Citronella oil underwent an intensive research and development project to create 100% natural products - absent of any harmful chemicals. It is guaranteed to be safe for babies compared to other Citronella oil products, and it has gained the trust of many households in Taiwan. Now Tian Long Citronella Oil aims to provide you with the maximum benefits of Citronella oil here in Singapore. Visit our website to know more.

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