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In Tian Long, we believe that our success stories are our clients’ success stories. To hear from our clients who have used and tested our products make a great difference not just for us but also for all other customers looking to use Tian Long in their daily necessities. Hear what our customers have to say and if you have a story to share about Tian Long Citronella Oil, we would love to hear it from you! Drop us a line and tell us all about it.

Danny Yong
My family has been searching for a natural way to deal with cockroaches and mosquitoes since as far back as I can remember. Then I read somewhere that citronella oil was a natural remedy to those unwanted pests. So shopping around one day, I found Tian Long All Natural Citronella Oil and decided to give it a try. The product has exceeded my expectations and now, not only is it an indispensable part of my family’s fight against bugs, the natural citronella smell has become a trademark of my living room every time my friends and family members come over. I highly recommend Tian Long Citronella Oil and it is really leading the charge in my family’s fight to rid my house of nuisance bugs.
Justin Tyler
My family and I have been using Tian Long Citronella Oil for almost 7 months and it has been proven to keep pests such as mosquitoes away which is important living on the ground floor. Tian Long Citronella Oil has with its many uses, benefited my life and that of my family greatly. I would recommend this to anyone.
Rebekah Seragih
Director, Media Agency
Due to the nature of my works, I am constantly on the grounds and in unlikely places to cover events and news. I am one prone to mosquitoes and insects bites. During one mountain biking event, I was desperate to keep the mosquitoes off me in the forest. Out of desperation, I used Tian Long in a Travel Pack bottle, a gift from a client. Surprisingly, there was not a single mosquitoe bite on me after 6 hours in the forest. Now, I carry a bottle with me wherever I go and even applies it on my 5 years old son. All it takes is a small dab on the skin. If you are like me, prone to bites, then this is one useful product I highly recommended.

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