Side effects of Citronella Oil

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Citronella Essential Oil Singapore products come in spray bottles, roll-ons, and wooden bottle diffusers. With it various household and healing purposes, customers seem to be overjoyed and highly satisfied. Being labelled as all-natural also impacts its market popularity because people become more trusting and confident when they see that a product is “chemical-free”. But “all-natural” does not necessarily mean 100% safe. It must be firmly noted that anything taken or used in excess is dangerous.

Citronella Oil is generally safe to everybody with a little exception to babies and the pregnant. This mean that these people should not avoid Citronella natural mosquito repellent but to use it in moderation. The same with any other essential oils sold commercially, Citronella Oil is no exception. Customers need to be responsible not to abuse it to avoid unwanted consequences. Likewise, natural mosquito repellent manufacturers should also be obliged to put precautionary labelling on their products.

Nonetheless, to set you minds at ease, The US Environmental Protection Agency confirmed that Citronella has very minimal to no toxicity when used externally. Even the US Food & Drug Administration reassured us of the safety of using Citronella natural mosquito repellent. In reality, there have been virtually zero accounts of its adverse side-effects for the hundreds of years of it being utilised.

For the sake of public awareness, there are some instances where the use of Citronella Oil may give rise to side-effects, but these are not serious nor life-threatening at all. Some people with very sensitive skin may experience itching, redness, or rashes after applying Citronella Oil directly on skin. To avoid skin irritation, it is advised to do a patch test to ensure that you don’t have an allergy. Very few people also feel a slight increase in heart rate after a contact with the essential oil.

Mothers should consult first with their child’s paediatrician before using this natural insect repellent for their babies, and pregnant women should also seek the advice of their ob-gyn on how to safely use Citronella Oil.

Broadly speaking, Citronella Oil natural mosquito repellent is safe to use with some minor fallouts to few people. The main point is, to be a responsible user when administering Citronella Oil Singapore to treat some physical and mental conditions, or when warding off insects and disinfecting the house. Always keep in mind that moderation is key.