Gourd Bottle Set - 2 (1000x1000)

Citronella Gourd Bottle

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Tian Long Gourd Bottles are made of carefully selected top grade pine wood. The Tian Long Gourd Bottle Set serves as a beautiful display, to store Tian Long Citronella Oil, acts as a pests repellant or for aromatherapy purposes.

Product Description

Tian Long Gourd Bottles are made of carefully selected top grade pine wood. Each set consists of one big gourd with a 10ml hollow center, and one small gourd to be used as a stopper to control the diffusion rate of the citronella oil. The Tian Long Gourd Bottle Set is used to store Tian Long Citronella Oil and used as a pests repellant or for aromatherapy.

Directions for Use (Big Gourd Bottle):

  1. Spray approx. 10ml of citronella oil into the Bottle Gourd.
  2. Bottle Gourd will absorb the citronella oil and defuse out slowly.
  3. For best result Spray the citronella oil again once the bottle gourd have fully absorb the essential oil.
  4. The coverage of a big Bottle Gourd is about a regular room size.
  5. The fragrance will last for a week in a regular room size.
  6. Place the gourd bottles at places where pests frequently appear.
  7. Refill the big gourd with Tian Long Citronella Oil after the oil has been fully absorb by the gourd.

Packaging Choices and Prices
Big Gourd Bottle (Big HuLu) x 1 bottle – $10.00
Courier Charges Applicable for Delivery – S$15.00 per trip.

For bulk orders, drop us a note for special arrangements.

Benefits of the Gourd
The longer you fill up the Big Bottle Gourd with Tian Long Citronella Oil, the slower the Gourd is going to absorb the oil. This does not mean that the benefits of the oil is diminished. Instead, the Gourd would be densely absorbed with the oil, resulting in slower absorption and long term saving. For more benefits of Citronella Oil, read all about it here.

1 review for Citronella Gourd Bottle

  1. 4 out of 5


    This is ideal. I absolutely loved it! I placed it in my office and in various corners of my house where the fragrance made the place smells nice and keep away the insects and mosquitoes. Absolutely very helpful in this hot weather!

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