Citronella Gourd Bottle


Gourd-shaped bottles made of superior pinewood. It has a hollowed centre that can hold 10ml of Citronella Oil Mosquito Repellent. It absorbs the essential oil and diffuses it around a room.



Tian Long Natural Mosquito Repellent Gourd Bottles are manufactured using keenly selected, high-quality pinewood material. The gourd bottle is a triple-purpose creation which functions as a stylish display, as a storage for mosquito repellent, and as a diffuser for Citronella aromatherapy essential oils.

The Gourd Bottle has a 10ml hollowed centre which can be filled up with Citronella Oil. The oil will be absorbed by the bottle and the aroma will be diffused for a week across a regular size room. It can also be directly sprayed on with natural insect repellent and placed on areas where insects breed.

With a Citronella Gourd Bottle, you can enjoy a long-lasting aromatherapy and mosquito repellent in style and without the need for frequent spraying.


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