How to use

  • Insect repellent
    Assemble the tube onto the bottle and spray directly at the required areas to ward off pests.
  • Disinfectant
    Add 1 to 2 caps of Tian Long Citronella Oil into half a bucket of water for mopping to disinfect the floor. Alternatively, spray Tian Long Citronella Oil directly onto the mop before mopping the floor. Floor remains dry and non-sticky after mopping!

    Best practices for ultimate results:

    • Put on the nozzle
    • Spray at the corner that cannot be reached
    • After mopping the whole house, use half bucket of water mixed with 1 -2 cap of the Citronella Oil and mop the house again. Do not need to rinse the mop after that.
    • Use the same bucket of water to wash toilet, pour into the drainage and sink to kill the germs in these areas.
    • For Best result, mop the floor weekly with citronella oil.
  • Detergent
    Add 2 to 3 caps of Tian Long Citronella Oil to water in the washing machine (do not add any detergent yet). Allow the mixture to stand for 10 minutes. Add the detergent and follow the normal laundry steps. It removes dust mites and odour, and kills the bacteria in the laundry!
  • Cleaning Pets
    Add 2-3 spray of Tian Long Citronella Oil to the pet’s shampoo. It effectively removes fleas and odours from the pets. (Caution: Suitable for pets above one year of age.)
  • Mosquito Repellent
    Citronella Oil is a natural repellant for mosquitoes and is the best companion for people exposed to nature in their works, school children, military service, and anyone whose blood stream is prompt to draw mosquito. Simply apply Tian Long Citronella oil using the Roll-on bottle. Roll one small area with the oil on the body prompt to attacks. The oil lasts for 3-4 hours on the body and it is not necessary to roll an intensive spread of oil on the body.
  • Air Refresher
    Citronella Oil is also known as a substance to help waken the senses and keeping you fresh and alert. This makes it a great Air Refresher to be placed in the home, office and places where freshness and alertness are important for both great smell and to perk up the spirit.

    Tips & Warnings

    • You can use eucalyptus or lemongrass oil in addition to the citronella for a pleasant-smelling mixture.
    • Using rubbing alcohol instead of baby oil can make a citronella-based spray, but gives it a stronger smell.
    • Pregnant women should use citronella oil sparingly when applied directly on exposed area. Alternatively, spray on clothes when going outdoor.
    • Citronella oil may speed up your heart rate. Do not ingest.
    • Keep citronella oil out of the eyes.
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