Beneficial use of Citronella as oil or fragrance

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In some cases, when people hear Citronella Essential Oil Insect Repellent, the brain sends signals to the olfactory nerves that induce a sensing of citrusy scent even without the actual thing. This happens because of the remarkable aroma of Citronella essence, which has been widely used as an ingredient in candles or scented oils since a long time ago.

In fact, Citronella was originally processed for use in perfumery. Even before Citronella Aroma Therapy Essential Oils were sold at the market, people from centuries ago already recognised the potential benefits of breathing in the essence. Apart from being applied directly to the skin as a medicinal remedy to various skin, muscle, and joint illnesses, the oil is well-known in the field of aromatherapy. Undergoing aromatherapy with Citronella Oil helps in the cure of several illnesses, prevention of their onset, and improvement of people’s general well-being.

Inhaling the fragrance fortifies the resistance against common colds, cough, and flu. It also supercharges the immune system so there’s no worrying when tackling our daily activities and even taking challenges to go further. The smell of Citronella extract also improves blood circulation and relieves chest congestion, promoting a positive overall health.

For gloomy days, adding Citronella fragrance in the air of your room can greatly lighten up the atmosphere and brighten up the mood. People who are often alone are more prone to anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts that may lead to unpleasant emotions. With Citronella aromatherapy, these negativities will slowly fade away and will be replaced with happy thoughts and cheerful feelings. Hence, Citronella Essential Oil is also beneficial to the mental health.

When it comes to tired and stressed minds caused by overworking and other matters, the scent of citronella can be really calming and relaxing. Since it is not a good idea to force the mind to make up decisions or formulate solutions when it is knackered, it is advisable to have a break and rest with the help of Tian Long Citronella Oil.

On other cases, for the busy persons whose plates are always full and taking a break is sometimes impossible, keeping beside them a Citronella Gourd Bottle for aromatherapy is very advantageous. Aromatherapy Essential Oils are best maximised when placed in areas where brain activity is highest, such as in our offices. It is gentling to the mind while enhancing productivity as the vibrancy of Citronella oil perks up the brain and at the same time relieves stress and unclutters the mind.

Give your brain a treat for working day and night, 24/7. You’ll thank yourself later. Using Citronella Essential Oil is like having a body massage but with the brain.