5 reasons for using Citronella Oil at home

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Citronella Essential Oil Singapore is rapidly getting popular in the market as more of its purposes are made known to the public. Initially recognised for its fragrance, people are now familiar to its many other benefits and uses.

Generally, Citronella Oil products are for everyday use, and there are numerous reasons why each house should own a Citronella Oil product.

#1: It is safe and natural

Unlike the usual insecticide and pesticide products that we see in the market and in TV commercials, Citronella Natural Mosquito Repellent Essential Oils does not contain harmful chemicals. Because it is made from natural Citronella Oil with really very low level of toxicity, it is much safer to use than any other products that are loaded with toxic chemicals, which may cause lung disease, eye irritation, and skin problems. Products manufactured by a trusted Citronella Mosquito Repellent supplier like Tian Long, are 100% safe to use by adults and children.

#2: It is effective

Citronella Oil is excellent in killing and warding off pests and insects. Some people are still hesitant to buy a natural anti-mosquito product thinking that it is not as effective as the typical insect repellents advertised on the TV. But the truth is, they are more efficient in getting rid of insects like mosquitoes and pests like fleas in pets.

If you keep asking yourself the same old question on how to get rid of fleas off my dog, then it is time that you buy and try an alternative natural flea repellent for dogs such as Citronella Oil. Just mix it with your pet’s shampoo and gently massage thoroughly on your pet’s skin and fur.

Spraying Citronella Essence also drives away mosquitoes, preventing insect bites and the possible onslaught of dengue fever. Citronella Oil is certainly very effective and is the best insect repellent for kids, adults, and even for pets.

#3: It is antibacterial

Citronella products are also one of the best disinfectants for home. They do amazing jobs in killing germs and bacteria that cause various diseases.

There are various ways on how to disinfect your home using Citronella Essential Oil such as mixing is with water for mopping floors, wiping furniture, and cleaning the bathroom and sink. If you are in a new place and just starting to settle in, you must first look for ways on how to disinfect house before moving in to ensure that you’ll have a nice, clean place to live in. Tian Long Citronella Oil is your best aid.

Moreover, using Citronella Oil is the best way to disinfect house after a stomach virus or a flu hit a family member to void the spread of this dreaded disease. And for insect bites or wounds, applying a little bit of the oil will stop the itch and prevent infection.

#4: It promotes good health

There are many health benefit of Tian Long Citronella Essential Oil Singapore like enhancing mental and physical health through aromatherapy. When inhaled, it helps ease exhaustion, relaxes a tired body, calms a bothered mind, and tickles a sleepy brain. It’s been reported that people who use Citronella Aromatherapy Essential Oils have improved cognition and lighter mood throughout the day. For the body, Citronella Oil helps improve blood circulation and heart condition making a person more energetic.

#5: It smells good

One of the reasons why you should consider getting Citronella for your home is simply because it smells good. Everybody wants a pleasant-smelling house, and with Citronella Essential Oil, you can surely achieve that. Plus it has multiple benefits that come with it. Putting Tian Long Citronella Gourd Bottles in your bed rooms and living rooms will not only make your moods better but it will also deodorise your house. Placing mini gourd bottles in closets and drawers also keeps insects at bay while making your clothes smell fresh.

Buy Mosquito Repellent online at Tian Long Citronella Essential Oil for your household needs to achieve a vigorous and a happy home.