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About Tian Long

Tian Long is the sole distributor of Citronella Essential Oil in Singapore. Tian Long Citronella Essential Oil is known for its powerful use as an effective organic mosquito repellent in Singapore and other functions as a disinfectant. We believe that an effective mosquito repellent, insect repellent and disinfectant must not only do its job well, it will be even better without any harmful chemicals in the ingredients for household or commercial use. Tian Long Citronella Essential Oil does just that using only natural ingredients that are safe for safe. We offer a variety of Citronella Essential Oil products for individual use, commercial, household, and for other numerous purposes to meet your needs.

The Benefits of
Citronella Oil

Note: any use of Citronella Oil for health reasons must first be consulted with your physician before using the oil for medical purposes.

Insect repellent

One of the many benefits of Citronella Oil is its efficacy to repel insects, especially mosquitoes. Because it is all-natural and non-toxic, it is the best alternative there is to getting rid of pests and unlike many insect repellent products infused with chemicals, Tian Long Citronella oil is a natural mosquito repellent that does not pose harm to wildlife nor to the environment. With its very minimal level of toxicity, our oil is very reliable and safe to use at home, in the workplace, or anywhere where pests frequent.


Citronella also possesses antiseptic properties which inhibit the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms. It is a great way to sanitize wounds to avoid infections.


Some of the components added to Citronella Essential Oils like methyl isoeugenol have anti-bacterial properties. Hence, our oil has an added benefit of eliminating bacteria and curbing bacterial growth on clothes and materials, keeping you healthy.

Note: any use of Citronella Oil for health reasons must first be consulted with your physician before using the oil for medical purposes.


Citronella Oil does not only repel insects; it also helps address depression. Aromatherapists recommend the use of this essential oil for the treatment of problems associated with mental and emotional strain. It is helpful in shooing away anxiety, sadness, and negative feelings while it stimulates a fresh, felicitous feeling, and optimism. All you need is a few drops of Tian Long Citronella Oil in your laundry and you will be carrying the fragrance of the oil with you.


Natural Citronella Essential Oil sedates inflammation and soothes the pain that comes with it. It can be applied topically to swollen joints or muscles.


The crisp, rich, lemon-like aroma of Citronella Oil drives away body odour and is used as ingredient in deodorants and body sprays in little concentration. It can also be mixed with water for a refreshing bath that removes body odour. Doing so not only relaxes the body and soothes the mind, but also keeps you smelling fresh all day.

How to use

100% Natural Citronella Oil in Singapore is very convenient and easy to use. There is no need for complex tools and complicated instructions to utilise it. Following these simple steps can yield maximum benefits for the whole family.

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More tips


Diffuse 1 to 2 caps of Tian Long Citronella Essential Oil into a half-bucket of water to use for mopping the floor or wiping your furniture. It can also be sprayed directly onto the mop or washcloth before using. A dry, non-sticky, and clean-smelling room will be a guaranteed outcome.

Best practices for optimal results:

  • Assemble the nozzle onto the bottle.
  • Spray the essential oil at a hard-to-reach corner.
  • Mop the whole house twice in a row with a half-bucket of water infused with 1-2 caps of Citronella Oil. Leave to dry. There’s no need to rinse the floor after.
  • Use the same concentration to clean toilets, drainages, and sinks to kill germs and bacteria.
  • For best results, mop the floor with Citronella Oil on a weekly basis.

Insect repellent

Set up the nozzle onto the bottle and spray this natural mosquito repellent directly to your desired area to keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. Another way is to spray some onto the Gourd Bottle which will absorb the oil and diffuse it for longer periods of time.

Detergent enhancer

Add 2-3 caps of Tian Long Citronella Oil into the water without the detergent yet. Allow the mixture to stand for 10 minutes before adding in the detergent then proceed with the normal laundry procedures. This solution removes dust mites and odour, and kills bacteria in the laundry.


Just spray twice or thrice into the pet’s shampoo and it will help eradicate fleas as well as undesirable smell from pets. Caution: Not recommended for dogs below 1 year of age.

Mosquito repellent

As a natural mosquito repellent, simply apply Citronella Oil using the roll-on bottle. Roll gently on the area of the skin that is prone to attacks to enjoy 3-4 hours of comfort and confidence.

Air freshener

For a stimulating effect, spray Citronella Oil or place Citronella Gourd Bottles in rooms. It is a great way to jumpstart tired minds and induce alertness with its invigorating smell.

Tips and cautions

Best practices for optimal results:

  • Try mixing eucalyptus or lemongrass essential oils to Citronella Oil to achieve a more delighting scent.
  • Instead of baby oil, use rubbing alcohol to create a citronella-based spray with a more potent smell.
  • Do not ingest the product as it may cause rapid heartrate.
  • Avoid getting the oil into your eyes.
  • Pregnant women should not use too much Citronella Essential Oil on the skin. Alternatively, spray on clothes instead.

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